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MESA White Paper #53: MESA MOM Capability Maturity Model Version 1.0

This white paper defines the MESA Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Capability Maturity Model. The capability maturity model is a set of structured levels that describe how well the behaviors, practices and processes of a manufacturing organization can reliably and sustainably produce required products, on time, with the highest quality, using well-maintained equipment. The higher the maturity level, the more efficient the organization, the fewer errors and mistakes made, and the fewer systemic problems in manufacturing operations exist. The maturity model will help organizations determine where they could apply efforts in order to move up in productivity and efficiency.

Date Published: April 2016


  1. Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting, Inc.
  1. Eric Cosman, OIT Concepts, LLC
  2. Angela Morris, The Dow Chemical Company
  3. Keith Unger, Advanced Consulting Services
  4. Mike Williams, Modern Automation Consulting Services