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MESA White Paper #41: ISA-95 for the Continuous Process Industries

The ISA-95 series of standards defines the interface between control functions and other enterprise functions in terms of models, activities and data flows. The concept and directions provided by ISA-95 are applicable to a broad set of verticals that include discrete, batch and continuous processes. This whitepaper explains how ISA-95 can be applied in the Continuous Process Industries (CPI).

Date Published: December 2012


  1. Eric C. Cosman - The Dow Chemical Company
  2. Don Clark, Invensys
  3. Dave Emerson, Yokogawa
  4. Paul Ettridge, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
  5. Gerhard Greeff, Bytes Systems Integration (Proprietary) Limited
  6. Fayez Kharbat, Saudi Aramco / Engineering Services
  7. Rodney Neal, Cyberwerks
  8. Cliff Pedersen, Northwest Upgrading
  9. Bruce Taylor, Suncor
  10. Martin Turk, Invesnsys
  11. Ray Walker, DuPont (retired)
  1. John Glasser, CSC
  2. Jose Maldonado, SAB Miller
  3. Matt Miller, OSISoft
  4. Satya Narayan Sahu, SAP
  5. Jim Toman, Rockwell Automation
  6. Sam Youness, Microsoft