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MESA White Paper #40: Performance Improvement and Metrics Practices

This paper is based on a short survey conducted by MESA International and its media partner IndustryWeek during the summer of 2011. It is a snapshot of initiatives, metrics practices and improvements achieved. The respondents come from all disciplines and cover an array of responsibility in their companies. The companies represent a wide cross section of manufacturing and production industries.

Date Published: February 2012


  1. Ted Bobkowski, Innovative Manufacturing Solutions Inc.
  2. Jill Jusko, IndustryWeek
  3. Julie Fraser, Cambashi Inc.
  4. Steve Minter, IndustryWeek
  5. Darren Riley, Rockwell Automation
  6. Israel Gatt, D.S.D. Data Systems Designers 1989 LTD
  7. Sean Robinson, GE Intelligent Platforms
  8. George Maxson, Cormetech Inc.
  1. Conrad Leiva, iBASEt
  2. Gary Mintchell, Automation World
  3. Dave Noller, IBM
  4. John Roach, Rho Consulting, Inc.