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MESA Middle East Technical Exchange Meeting - June 30, 2020

MESA Middle East Technical Exchange Meeting held their June 2020 meeting virtually.

Knowledge Technology Enabling Artificial Intelligence in the Oil and Gas Industry

Digital Knowledge Layer is a critical layer – within the enterprise digital stack – for the development of Artificial Intelligence capabilities to augment human decision making across the enterprise. Digital Knowledge Layer learns and observes a business domain, enables auto-reasoning over this domain, provides machine generated recommendations or predictions, and it makes possible auto-learning from the outcomes of the actions to continuously improve. The session will discuss main aspects of knowledge technology and demonstrate some of its application in the oil and gas industry.

Donald Thompson;
As founder, President and Chief Technology Officer, Donald Thompson leads Maana’s productvision, oversees technology and product management, and is responsible forbuilding and delivering cutting-edge solutions to Maana’s customers, some ofthe world’s largest corporations. With over 25 years of experience deliveringhigh-profile, large-scale software and services, Donald has worked closely withtop executives at Fortune 30 companies todevelop and implement computingstrategy across an array of industries, including oil and gas, health care,finance, retail, and travel.

Prior to Maana, Donald spent 15 years at Microsoft as director of engineering, architect, and development manager within multiple divisions. He founded Bing’s Knowledge and Reasoning Team (project Satori); was co-founder of project Arena, which shipped as the SQL Server 2012 Semantic Engine; created Microsoft’s first contextual ad delivery system, spanning multiple international data centers to deliver over 14 billion targeted ads daily and generating $700MM annual revenue. Donald also oversaw numerous incubations in Microsoft Research and Windows.

Prior to Microsoft, Donald was architect for a financial services startup, lead developer on a cellular billing system, and an independent consultant working on 3D graphics and physics engines for computer games.

Donald earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. He has authored several technical publications and holds an array of patents covering data, wireless, search, and other technologies