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MESA Middle East Technical Exchange Meeting - July 21, 2020

MESA Middle East Technical Exchange Meeting held their July 2020 meeting virtually.

The Sustainable Digital Plant Journey in Challenging Times

Given the unprecedented demand destruction and consequent margin reduction faced by Oil & Gas companies this year, reprioritization of Digital Initiatives is be a key priority for many companies in this sector. Leading Oil & Gas companies across the world have implemented Digital initiatives across functions such as HSE, maintenance, operations etc. as part of their journey towards a ‘Digital Plant’.

Accenture is a leading global professional services company with annual revenues of over $43 bn offering a wide range of services covering Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations. Accenture’s Energy industry group ( helps the world’s leading oil and gas companies transform to compete in today’s Digital world.

During this Technical Exchange Meeting, the Accenture team will draw upon their experience of having worked with leading O&G companies across the world to present a view of the collection of potential use cases that could be part the journey towards a Digital Plant for a downstream O&G company. They will also bring to life this journey through demos of a few selected solutions covering functions such as HSE, Maintenance and Production.

While almost all Oil & Gas companies have implemented similar initiatives as PoCs/Pilots and these have demonstrated the value they can bring, sustaining and scaling these initiatives has been the real challenge. We believe that one of key reasons for this has been the absence of a robust IT-OT foundation for this journey. So, the majority of the session will focus on what it takes to build a robust IT-OT foundation.

The IT-OT foundation for the journey towards Digital plant consists broadly of two parts – an Industrial foundation and a Digital foundation. The Industrial foundation enables a seamless flow of information between IT and OT applications to enable core business processes. The Digital foundation increases effectiveness of decisions through predictive and prescriptive analytics. The session will review the functional and technical architecture of these parts and also describe some of the key differences in the methodology to be followed to build these.

We believe this session will help any person who is in a Digital/IT/OT function in an industrial company, especially ones in the downstream O&G space, that is in the midst or about the embark on a Digital/OT transformation..

Vinay Shenoy – Industry X.0 Lead Middle East
Marius Meger – Industry Principal Director
Fadhel Husain – Business and Integration Senior Manager