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MESA White Paper #04: MES Software-Evaluation/Selection

The purpose of this white paper is to assist manufacturers and associated support organizations in evaluating and selecting Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. Various definitions portray MES as an integrated suite of products with dynamic interaction and real-time responsiveness. The paper offers a systematic, team-based process of evaluation, with recommendations for each step of the process. Published in 1996, 12 pages.

Date Published: August 2007


  1. Bernard Asher, RWT Corporation
  2. Mike Brennolt, Effective Management Systems, Inc.
  3. Tim Ferkel, EDS
  4. Bill Hakanson, MESA International
  5. Bob Johnson, EDS
  6. Gordon Kilgore, Digital Interface Systems, Inc.
  7. Mike McClellan, MES Solutions
  8. Maryanne Steidinger, Allen-Bradley Company
  9. Bill Schaefer, HK Systems
  10. Sandy Towle, Camstar Systems, Inc.