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MESA White Paper #23: As-Is / To-Be Study

The ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Book 1.0 explains how the ISA-95 Enterprise-Control Integration Standard, is applied to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems and their enterprise and plant interfaces. The ultimate goal of the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group is to explain "how to" apply, migrate to, and maintain a single data definition across Level 3 functions and interfaces, the MOM domain and its Level 4 domain enterprise interfaces. By utilizing ISA-95 methodology and technical applications, the TCO for manufacturing IT architectures, as well as manufacturing and supply chain operational costs, are dramatically reduced. The annual ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0 consists of a series of related "how to" white papers described in the context of ISA-95 models, definitions, and data flows, and the Level 3 interfaces between Level 4 enterprise functions and Level 2 shop-floor systems. This paper is part of a series of white papers comprising ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0. This paper describes a number of processes and steps that an organization may execute when conducting an As-Is/To-Be study based on the ISA-95 standard to optimize its manufacturing operations. The purpose of an ISA-95 As-Is/To-Be study is to describe the current operations situation, identify potential problem areas, suggest possible improvements and detail requirements for an organization’s enterprise and control systems. This benchmark assessment can be done for different kinds of systems. Some examples are provided in this document. In the context of this paper, the focus is upon people, process, and the technology used to support the enterprise and control processes (that inevitably are closely related). The information obtained during the study may be used to select, develop or improve enterprise operations and control systems in general and develop and improve the integration between the enterprise, operations, and control systems. Appears in the ISA Best Practices Book 1.0.

Date published: June 2010


  1. Bianca Scholten, Ordina Technical Automation BV
  2. Matthew Schneider
  1. Reinoud Visser, Atos Origin
  2. Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC