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MESA White Paper #25: An Overview and Comparison of ISA-95 and OAGIS (Standards for Mfg. Systems Integration, White Paper Series, White Paper #1)

This comparison paper is White Paper #1 of the ISA-95 and OAGIS Manufacturing Integration Standards White Paper Series. White Paper #2: OAGIS, ISA-95 and Related Manufacturing Integration Standards - A Survey explains the related standards that overlap or work in conjunction with ISA-95, Enterprise-Integration Standards, and OAGIS, Open Application Group Integration Specification, in developing manufacturing system architectures. White Paper #3: Possible Convergence Directions for ISA-95 and OAGIS presents a convergence path and alternatives for manufacturers currently constructing application integration architectures and for standards committees and working groups working through convergence discussions.

Date published: July 2007


  1. Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Mfg. Solutions LLC
  2. GE Fanuc Automation
  3. Em delaHostria, Rockwell Automation
  4. David Noller, IBM Corporation
  5. Lorenzo Childress, IBM Corporation
  6. Alan Boyd, IBM Corporation