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MESA White Paper #28: Lifecycle of Service Creation Using ISA-95 Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM)

The white paper details the lifecycle of MOM Service creation using the ISA-95 MOM standard for services oriented architectures (SOA) for manufacturing. It discusses the process of decomposing the ISA-95 Part 3 core functions from the global and strategic levels of the manufacturing enterprise to the atomic level of the plant’s manufacturing operations. The outcome of this process is 1) the MOM atomic functions are mapped to manufacturing reusable Services across different manufacturing types or forms and 2) an MOM Functional Services Gap Analysis is applied to identify manufacturing automation and operations gaps.

Date published: May 2010


  1. Eyad A. Buhulaiga, Saudi Aramco
  2. Contributing Editor - Charlie Gifford, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC
  1. Mohammed Zuhair, Rockwell Automation
  2. Katherine van Nes, Independent Reviewer
  3. Paul Ashmore, DAI Ltd
  4. Michael Bachelor, Bachelor Controls, Inc
  5. Kishen Manjunath, Honeywell Process Solutions