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2013-2014 Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

This webcast discusses the result highlights of a five-month research study on manufacturing performance improvements conducted in partnership between MESA and LNS Research.
Presented by LNS Research Principal Analyst Mark Davidson and moderated by Julie Fraser Outreach Director for MESA International, the webcast is targeted at manufacturing executives, manufacturing IT professionals, continuous improvement team members and plant managers/supervisors seeking to improve and optimize their business performance.
The research identifies trends and correlations between specific business and operational metric improvements, the use of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and other enterprise manufacturing software applications, role-based metrics reporting, and the effect of emerging technologies such as mobile, big data, and cloud computing on metrics programs.
Some of the key topics and questions that are addressed in the webcast:

• Do you know the top 28 metrics being used to understand manufacturing operations and business performance improvements?

• Did you know that average annual performance improvements for most metrics categories were in the double digits? How do your company’s performance improvements compare to the rest of industry?

• Did you know that top performers of manufacturing operations metrics had significantly better financial metrics? Which are most highly correlated?

• Did you know that users of ERP and specific MOM software applications are enjoying higher average annual metrics improvements? Which software applications appear to be making the biggest impact?

• How are role-based dashboards being utilized to best support metrics programs today?

• What impacts do manufacturers believe emerging technologies like mobile, big data and cloud will have on metrics programs in the future?

• What are some of the best practices I can learn from market leaders with the top metrics improvements?

Date Published: April 2014


  1. Mark Davidson, LNS Research
  2. Greg Goodwin, LNS Research
  3. Julie Fraser, MESA International
  1. Sachin Karadgi, Uni Siegen
  2. Phil Klion, CSC
  3. Jason Rhodewalt, Barry-Williams Design Group
  4. Rajesh Sahasrabudge, TCS
  5. Jim Toman, Grantek
  6. Patrick Weber
  7. Brian Zamborski, United States Steel