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Cyber Security beyond anti-virus - How to Keep your MOM Software and Application Servers More Secure

Securing MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) software and application servers from hackers and potential malware threats continues to be a concern. This MESA Webinar teaches the steps you can take for effective security beyond just installing anti-virus software and patching systems. Eric and Bryan discuss techniques to protect your critical systems including application whitelisting, use of Microsoft Windows Core operating system components, limiting software and user access to least required privileges, and more.

Date Published: September 2013


  1. Eric Cosman, The Dow Chemical Company
  2. Bryan Owen, OSIsoft, Inc.
  1. Gopal GopalKrishnan, P.E., OSIsoft, LLC
  2. Gary Mintchell, The Manufacturing Connection
  3. Jaap Both, Actemium
  4. Jose Maldonado, Bavaria S.A.
  5. Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
  6. Anthony Robinson, Infor
  7. Phil Klion, CSC