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How to apply the ISA-95 Standards to Improve Manufacturing Operations Management

The ISA-95 series of standards defines the interface between control functions and other enterprise functions in terms of models, activities and data flows. The concept and directions provided by ISA-95 are applicable to a broad set of industries that include discrete, batch and continuous processes. Webcast participants will learn about the essential elements of the standards and how to apply the standards in order to improve their manufacturing operations management systems environment. MESA has identified the need to provide specific guidance and practical examples to describe the applicability of the standard in the continuous process industries (CPI). This webcast and accompanying whitepaper provide this guidance through a context specific interpretation of the standard, supported by a set of case studies.

Date Published: August 2012


  1. Eric Cosman, The Dow Chemical Company
  2. Bob Francis, Meridium, Inc.
  1. Jim Toman, Rockwell Automation
  2. John Glasser, CSC
  3. Jose Luis Maldonado, Bavaria S.A.
  4. Khris Kammer, Rockwell Automation
  5. Satya Narayan Sahu, SAP