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Smart Manufacturing: Continuous Improvement or Strategic Transformation?

Are organizations tackling Smart Manufacturing as an extension of Lean and Six Sigma continuous improvements or are they establishing a strategic business transformation initiative? A recent survey conducted by IndustryWeek and MESA International uncovered that many manufacturers are getting started on the journey to Smart Manufacturing but they are taking different paths to get there. Our panelists are no exception. What are the views of their organizations?

Please join Conrad Leiva, Clark Dobbs, Erik Nistad and Scott Daugherty to learn from their experience with transformation projects and related topics including:
- Drivers to jump on the Smart Manufacturing transformation
- Tips on driving the transformation required
- Pitfalls to avoid along the journey

Date Published: April 2018


  1. Conrad Leiva
  2. Erik Nistad
  3. Clark Dobbs
  4. Scott Daugherty