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The ISA 99 Cyber System Security Patch Management Standard Webinar

The ISA 99 committee has finished work on the ISA 62443-2-3 Patch Management Technical Report. This report defines guidance for Patch Management for IACSs (Industrial Automation Control Systems). It contains specific guidance for asset owners on how to set up and maintain strong patch management processes and guidance to vendors on their role in IACS patch management. The Technical Report also defines an information exchange model that can be used to manage patch information coming from multiple vendors. This webcast provides an overview of the technical report and how patch management processes can be investigated, established and maintained in the IACS environment.

Date Published: August 2014


  1. Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
  1. John Dyck, Rockwell Automation
  2. Khris Kammer, Rockwell Automation
  3. Dave Noller, IBM
  4. Patrick Weber, Independent