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Three Dimensions Converge on Smart Manufacturing – IIoT, Digital Thread, Value Chain

The Smart Manufacturing endeavor requires collaboration among many different stakeholders in the organization including engineering, operations and business management. Each comes to the discussion table with different perspectives which have to converge to achieve the revolutionary productivity goals of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. This presentation covers a three-dimensional model that explains the intersection of several initiatives included under the scope of Smart Manufacturing: IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Digital Thread, and Connected Enterprise. This model can serve as the basis of organizing discussions and roadmaps for your organization’s journey to a Smart Manufacturing future.

Topics discussed will include:
Different Perspectives from Different Stakeholders
Digital Thread in Product Lifecycle
Smart Factory Layers in IIoT
Value Chain Management in the Ecosystem

Date Published: January 2019


  1. Conrad Leiva, VP Product Strategy and Alliances, iBASEt
  2. Jimmy Asher, EVP Manufacturing Transformation, MESA International
  3. Stu Johnson, Director of Product Marketing, PLEX Systems
  1. Erik Nistad, Chairman of the International Board of Directors at MESA International
  2. Ian Tooke, Chief Innovation Officer at Grantek