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MESA White Paper # 61: Industry Cybersecurity, Improving Our Response

The industrial cybersecurity market is facing rapid changes as more threats are discovered, more impact is felt by end users, ICS attack tools become readily available and cybersecurity vendors vie for leadership. This paper highlights both alerts and advice for end users of automation and control systems (ICS/OT/IACS/SCADA) and selected advisory notes for practitioners of industrial cyber-physical security.

Strategic methodologies and programs of activities for mitigating the impacts on IIOT and IOT, and for providing comprehensive situational awareness using holistic integrated security are provided. Multiple types of security are addressed, together with a mythical attack and defense scenario.

End users face increased pressures to improve their security stance and this paper discusses some successful methods for implementing these improvements.

Date Published: August 2020


  1. Cevn Vibert