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Asset Performance Management Strategic Initiative Guidebook

In the manufacturing industry, volatile market conditions-with more regulatory requirements, higher costs, and growing competition globally for lower prices - make ever-increasing expectations for higher return from assets very difficult to realize, especially when combined with aging infrastructures. Given the nature of the business, manufacturers expecting to succeed in today's environment must commit significant resources to creating, modifying, and maintaining their assets and facilities so that they can safely maximize performance. 

Date Published: June 2010


  1. Fayez Kharbat, Saudi Aramco Engineering Services
  2. John Dyck, Rockwell Automation
  3. Bob Francis, Meridium
  4. Nawaz Anwarudeen, LynxESS
  5. Stan DeVries Invensys, Process Systems
  6. Jon Siudut, IBM Software Group
  7. Eric Luyer, IBM Software Group
  8. Son Huynh, IBM Software Group
  9. Anthony Jenovino, Campbell Soup Company
  1. Gary Mintchell, Automation World
  2. Chad Vincent, Baxter Healthcare Corp.
  3. Rick Bullotta, Burning Sky Software
  4. Jayashree Ravichandran, IBM
  5. Abu Ansari, Geometric Global
  6. Anthony Jenovino, Campbell Soup Company
  7. Ram Upadhyay, Masow Systems
  8. Larry White, Resource Consumption Accounting Institute
  9. Fayez Kharbat, Saudi Aramco
  10. Subodh Joshi, Zentek Engineering Pte