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Quality and Regulatory Compliance - Strategic Initiative Guidebook

Today’s marketplace demands higher quality products, and many manufacturers have adopted a corporate quality culture to elevate the quality recognition of their brands. Today’s top tier manufacturers are also more dependent on their supplier networks and therefore more interested in standardizing quality management practices in the entire industry. Government has also increased regulation in the interest of safety and environment. All these factors have led to a heightened awareness of the importance of Quality Management Systems and to the enhanced development and enforcement of industry standards and regulations.

This guidebook is written for an executive or a senior manager (business or IT) of a manufacturing company who is looking to implement a Quality Management System or Regulatory Compliance System in the organization. With the help of this guidebook an organization can include regulatory compliance and quality management requirements as part of the evaluation of new information system solutions and platforms.

This guidebook presents a framework for evaluating quality management and regulatory compliance in an organization and developing ideas for improvement. The guidebook discusses how to evaluate process improvement ideas for potential return on investment (ROI) before moving forward, and shares recommendations for managing improvement projects to assure successful implementation.

Date Published: October 2013


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  8. Nikki Willet, Pilgrim Software
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  2. Matthias Grossman, IBS Americas
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