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Process Industries Guidebook: Adopting Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management (iMOM) in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries, Leveraging Digital Technologies and Industry 4.0 Framework

This guidebook offers business and operations managers, as well as technology managers, education and guidance with a pragmatic look at how to leverage new technologies to meet business goals and objectives from an integrated Manufacturing Operations Management (iMOM) perspective.
This download includes:

  • the two prevailing international standards related to the design and implementation of iMOM and discusses the main aspects related to the enterprise architecture
  • lists the characteristics of the latest evolving technologies, their key applications and the major implementation challenges
  • presents an approach to building a business case for iMOM, including opportunity assessment, analysis and ranking, determining benefits, considering project execution aspects, defining the key benefits and presenting it to the decision makers
  • touches upon the main aspects of change management with respect to an iMOM implementation
  • gives guidance regarding software evaluation and selection for iMOM implementation
  • discusses the key considerations regarding the digital transformation related to an iMOM
About MESA Peer-Reviewed Content:
The guidebook was developed under the leadership of the MESA Process Industry Working Group by the close collaboration of several iMOM and digitalization experts from 20 international companies, representing end users, major automaton solution providers and industry consultants. This development is very unique in the industry and brings great value to companies and professionals who want to know more about the industrial best practices governing the iMOM business case development, solution design and / or implementation.

Join the working group and the LinkedIn Group “MESA iMOM for the Process Industries,” a great opportunity for experts in the process industries to start interacting and collaborating around the iMOM topic and relevant technologies.

Date Published: March 2019