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MESA Smart Manufacturing Dictionary

The Smart Manufacturing Dictionary is a resource for manufacturing professionals to understand the myriad of acronyms and terms that consultants, system integrators, software providers, and other professionals use. By defining the standard terms used to describe information systems and manufacturing operations, we create a “language” that everyone understands.

Date Published: July 2019

  1. John Roach / Rho Consulting, Inc
  2. Charlie Gifford / 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC
  3. Gerhard Greeff, Altron Bytes Systems Integration
  4. Dave Noller, IBM Watson IoT
  5. Gary Mintchell, Automation World Magazine
  6. Ananth Seshan, 5G Automatika Ltd
  7. Karen Smiley 
  1. Dave Emerson, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  2. Kamal Ajitsaria, Geometrics Software
  3. Paul Ashmore, Digital Applications International
  4. Piyush Batwal, Geometrics Software
  5. Mike James / ATS International B.V.
  6. Brad Williams / Invensys
  7. Gary Mintchell / Automation World Magazine
  8. Greg Ella, ATS Applied Tech Systems Ltd.
  9. Alex Mouncer, ATS Applied Tech Systems Ltd.