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Correlating Plant Performance to Business Performance Research

As Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International’s (MESA’s) previous Metrics studies have clearly shown, metrics matter in business performance. This study continues that investigation into the significance of both the performance metrics and the capability to readily obtain them. The results show that we can correlate plant performance to business performance. MESA studies also show a correlation between financial improvement and better practices and IT systems support for measuring and improving the operation’s performance.

To come to these conclusions, MESA International teamed up with industry analyst and research firm Cambashi, the MESA Metrics Working Group, and a set of sponsors from among MESA’s solution provider members to further explore performance metrics for production companies. During the fall of 2009, we conducted an on-line survey. The analysis here was conducted on responses from 140 manufacturers and producers representing a wide range of industries, manufacturing process modes and operating conditions.

Date Published: February 2010

  1. Julie Fraser, Cambashi, Inc.; Michael Morein, Cambashi, Inc., MESA International