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Pursuit of Performance Excellence - Comprehensive Report

Significant improvements in financial performance are the result of a multi-faceted effort: this report focuses on the role of plant performance metrics programs, improvements, and IT applications. Based on a survey of manufacturers and producers, the results illustrate approaches, business processes, and software technologies used today – and which ones correlate to dramatic business performance improvement. Top six take-aways reflect what works.

Date Published: February 2012


  1. Julie Fraser, Cambashi
  2. Nancy Hodgman, Cambashi
  3. Sallly Bennett, Cambashi
  4. Rebecca Withers, Cambashi
  5. Hadrien Szigeti, Dassault Delmia
  6. Greg Agnew, A. Schulman
  7. Reda Bensaid, Camstar
  8. Ted Bobkowski, Innovative Manufacturing Solutions
  9. Samrat Chatterjee, Tata Consultancy Services
  10. Didier Chavet, Sandisk
  11. Tina Cook, Rockwell Automation
  12. Jean-Marie Deschamps, Owens Corning
  13. Mark Dych, Solarsoft Business Systems
  14. Rohit Goyal, Tata Consultancy Services
  15. David Gustovich, IQity Solutions
  16. Guneet Gyani, Tata Consultancy Services
  17. Sharri Hall, Diageo Global Supply
  18. Mike Hamilton, Suncast
  19. Don Hart, Rockwell Automation
  20. Ganesh Hegde, SAP
  21. Tony Jenovino, Campbell Soup
  22. Steve Kaplan, Murata Power Solutions
  23. Shirish Kulkarni, Tata Consultancy Services
  24. Susan Lamb, Camstar
  25. George Maxson, Cormetech
  26. Duncan Moir, Solarsoft Business Systems
  27. Diane Murray, Solarsoft Business Systems
  28. José Maldonado Ortiz, SAB Miller
  29. Amit Pai, Tata Consultancy Services
  30. Chuck Pharris, SAP
  31. Karen Poirier, IQity Solutions
  32. Paula Puess, Rockwell Automation
  33. Darren Riley, Rockwell Automation
  34. Dana Saylors, Camstar
  35. Trent Sunde, The Clorox Company
  36. Graham Ward, Solarsoft Business Systems
  37. James Wise, Solarsoft Business Systems
  38. Alan Wood, GenPower
  39. Jian Xu, Corn Products International
  1. Roy Brower, Boeing
  2. Gopal Gopalkrishnan, OSIsoft