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Redefining Performance Goals to Unlock Business Improvements: A New Focus for Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical Device companies often consider compliance before they consider improvement and profits. We analyzed Medical Device industry responses to the manufacturing industry-wide research study Pursuit of Performance Excellence and found that those who focus on and improve innovation, efficiency and quality also grow their businesses and improve financial and business performance. In fact, these medical device industry “business movers” show an ability to meet compliance needs as a result of handling the core business effectively.

Date Published: June 2012


  1. Julie Fraser, Cambashi and Iyno Advisors
  2. Nancy Hodgman, Cambashi
  3. Sally Bennett, Cambashi
  4. Rebecca Withers, Cambashi
  5. Susan Lamb, Camstar
  6. Chris Parsons, Camstar
  1. Jim Toman, Rockwell Automation
  2. Mike Grasley, ASECO Integrated Systems