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Smart Products Driving Revolution-Semiconductor Makers Need Better Information to Meet Rising Expectations

Semiconductor companies were pioneers in adopting plantwide information systems in the fabs and back-end facilities. However, today their “smart product” customers have leapfrogged them and set expectations that older systems cannot help them achieve. With the increasing variety of applications, chip manufacturers must make major gains in not only efficiency and quality of products, but in their ability to analyze and improve performance. These business pressures make new manufacturing software replacement urgent, and this study shows that strong benefits are available.

Date Published:
August 2012


  1. Julie Fraser, Cambashi and Iyno Advisors
  2. Sally Bennett, Cambashi
  3. Chris Parsons, Camstar
  4. Nancy Hodgman, Cambashi
  5. Susan Lamb, Camstar
  1. Jim Toman, Rockwell
  2. Gary Mintchell, Automation World