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Leveraging Mobility in Asset Performance Management 2.0

With the advent of Smart Manufacturing, Asset Performance Management is taking on an entirely new role. The new era of Asset Performance Management (called APM 2.0), is witnessing, amongst others, two important outcomes:
(a) Real time Intelligence and optimization of the performance of the assets as it relates to the maximization of availability;
(b) Real time actions generated in maintenance systems in a proactive manner to ensure asset failures are avoided.

The above-mentioned outcomes are realized by a standardized software platform called “Asset Intelligence Management (AIM)” that orchestrates and synchronizes between several plant floor systems controlling physical assets and enterprise software (that manage asset health) in order to drive optimized asset behavior in real time. This presentation describes some examples of the above and elucidates how AIM leverages on mobility as one of its powerful mechanisms to deliver the above-mentioned outcomes. Several practical use cases are discussed for illustrating the value of mobility to various stakeholders under the umbrella of APM 2.0.

This presentation was developed for the ISA 2015 Process Control & Safety Symposium.

Date published: February 2016

Author: Ananth Seshan, 5G Automatika Ltd.