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Time-In-State in Mining Beneficiation

This case study illustrates how Time-in-State facilitated an 9% improvement in production throughput without major capital expenditure and / or equipment modification. Nkomati Mine has been using Time-in-State for several years – various improvements have been reported and this case study confirms the ability of Time-in-State to deliver continuous improvement.

Time-in-State approaches efficiency, effectiveness and profit improvement by understanding and defining the Optimum Operating Envelope at system level. Time-in-State takes the position that performance indicators reporting production throughput, availability and quality is a function of multiple systems within the processing plant. Delivering a definition of OOE at system level enables operational and technical personnel manage individual systems pro-actively.

Time-in-State’s real-time feedback, which quantifies each system’s performance in relation to its OOE, enabled plant personnel to increase the percentage time that the plant operates within the OOE from 11% to 68%. This increase translates into an 18 million USD/annum improvement