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A Low-Risk, Incremental Approach to Smart Manufacturing for Small & Medium Manufacturers

Smart Manufacturing (SM) strategies have been evolving for the last decade among large corporations and many small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) might not realize that these strategies are not only applicable to them but are within reach when implemented in practical steps.

This MESA guidebook discusses how SMMs have been implementing Smart Manufacturing initiatives and realizing not only the benefits of increased transparency and productivity, but also the transformative benefits of higher levels of coordination and speed within the enterprise and supply chain.

The intended audience for this guidebook includes business owners as well as champions for digital transformation and continuous improvement within Operations, Engineering, Quality, and IT staff.

Date Published: January 2022


  1. Ananth Seshan, 5G Technologies
  2. Conrad Leiva, CESMII
  3. Stefan Zippel, Litmus
  4. Ryan Spurr, Connection
  5. Michael Ford, Aegis Software
  6. Julian Zhu, Litens
  7. Jeff Winter, Microsoft
  1. Eric Cosman, ISA
  2. Gerhard Greeff, Iritron Ltd
  3. Thoman Nall, Avanade
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