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Driving Real Results with Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics continues to gain momentum, both at the factory floor level and across the enterprise at the corporate level in today's manufacturing industry. In fact, research shows that leading industrial companies are taking a more proactive, forward-looking approach to analytics and, as a result, have made significant progress in their transformation programs over the past couple of years.

This progress is evident in the newest edition of Analytics That Matter 2022, a biannual study conducted by LNS Research in partnership with MESA International – now in its fourth release. Learn more about what these leading companies are doing differently than the others. The one-hour webcast on Analytics That Matter 2022, is presented by:

  • Vivek Murugesan, Senior Research Associate, LNS Research
  • Matthew Littlefield, President and Research Lead, LNS Research
  • Chris Monchinski, MESA Analytics Working Group Chair and VP Manufacturing Intelligence, Automated Control Concepts, Inc.
In this highly informative webcast, you’ll discover:
  • Why industrial companies across the globe are investing in analytics initiatives at a growing pace.
  • The most common challenges to analytics programs in the manufacturing industry and how you can successfully navigate them.
  • Who should be leading your analytics programs at the plant and enterprise levels and why.
  • How to effectively pivot from technology pilots and proofs-of-concepts to full-fledged programs (and why you should).
  • Specific people, process, and technology best practices that differentiate the Analytics Leaders (top 15% of companies) from the rest of the market.
Date Published: September 2022