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Auction Rocket Fuel = NAA + Genie Rocket + YOU!

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National Auctioneers Association
and Genie Rocket have partnered together for the benefit of you, the auctioneer, to bring you an exclusive deal with your active membership with the NAA. By signing up today, you not only get a deep discount on the Genie Rocket platform with customization built for the auctioneer, but you also get bi-weekly live group training, exclusive webinar training for the proven selling system, AND a deep discount for Coach Burt's Monster Growth Bootcamp in person in Nashville, Tennessee.

Click each link below to sign up for the weekly CRM training and discussion opportunities:

Consider joining the "Genie Rocketeers" Facebook group or subscribing to the YouTube channel from Genie Rocket to ask questions and collaborate with other CRM users or find specific CRM training how-to videos (not specific to NAA members).

Click through the items below to view recorded webinars, trainings, and discussions.