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Rethinking TV Advertising with ATSC 3


The advertising community is becoming aware of the potential of Next Gen TV using the ATSC 3.0 standard. But so far, much of the discussion has been quite high-level. In this fast-paced webcast we begin to dig a little deeper into what broadcasters, ad-tech, marketers and agencies are expecting to see, and how this new paradigm can drive value and revenue growth to the sector.


  • Skip Pizzi

    Skip Pizzi is Vice President, Technology Education and Outreach at the National Association of Broadcasters. His career has spanned the broadcast and new-media industries, with 13 years as an engineer and technology manager at NPR, and 11 years in various posts at Microsoft.

  • Rick Ducey

    Rick leads BIA Advisory Services' strategy consulting practice and serves as an advisor to an affiliated investment banking group BIA Capital Strategies. Rick works with media, adtech and martech companies to see and evaluate opportunities and strategies in the market to achieve corporate goals. He helps client with strategic planning, developing partnership strategies, product planning, and achieving revenue growth and diversification.

  • Sarah Foss

    Sarah Foss is senior vice president, strategic initiatives for FreeWheel Advertisers, a Comcast company. Sarah is responsible for spearheading the growth and scale of FreeWheel Advertisers domestically and globally, as well as partnering with senior leadership to drive the organization’s strategic direction.

  • George Leon

    George Leon in Chief Strategy Officer for Hawthorne. He oversees Hawthorne’s expanding integrated Brand Response TV (BRTV) media strategy, execution and analytics and spearheads Hawthorne’s Data Science and “Big Data” initiatives on behalf of a broad range of major brand clients including 3M, Brother International, Equifax, Hamilton Beach,, Transamerica and zulily.

August 21, 2019
Wed 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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