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First-Time Manager Series: The Developing Manager

The NAB Leadership Foundation’s goal of the First- Time Manager series e-course is to offer new managers the transitional elements to move from an individual contributor to a manager mindset. The elements included within the modules offer solutions to help managers make an effective transition while learning new behaviors to help with their team’s development as well as their own.

Each of the courses in this program includes:

  • Case scenarios with the broadcast industry in mind
  • Knowledge checks
  • Resources for further reading

The Developing Manager course is the fourth of five courses in the First-Time Manager's Series.

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The Developing Manager
Upon completion, leaders/managers will be able to:
  • Distinguish between the four leadership styles and understand the difference between coaching and management
  • Define behavioral styles and how that relates to team members
  • Summarize the coaching methodology and apply concepts to daily coaching situations

Estimated Course Time:
47 Mins