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Rethink Employee Benefits and Boost Employee Retention

The world of work has changed dramatically, and there's no going back to the 2019 playbook, particularly for benefits. Employee needs and expectations are still shifting, and your company's benefits need to evolve alongside. It's everything from a renewed focus on employee wellness and rethinking holistically what "health benefits" really entail; boosting the role of EAPs and rewards schemes; and more.

Enhancing employee benefit access has a measurable, concrete impact on business success. It accomplishes, among other things, a direct improvement in employee happiness, which is a major driver of employee engagement, productivity, and longevity. That means spending significantly less on recruiting and ramp-up periods for new employees, as well as improving your competitiveness in the market, and becoming an employer of choice for higher-value talent.

Rethinking employee benefits and integrating them directly into your business strategy doesn't need to cost much, and the return on investment is powerful. Learn how post-pandemic players are evolving benefits to reflect what employees expect in the new normal in this free NAB recorded webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • What employees are looking for in the post-COVID era
  • The surprising new changes a redistributed workforce ushers in
  • Looking ahead as offices reopen for business
  • How to review your current benefit schemes in light of future needs
  • Christy Yaccarino, Executive Director, Benefit Strategy & Wellness, TriNet
  • Kelly Pacatte, Senior Consultant of HR & Compliance, TriNet
  • Josh Miely, Director of Education, NAB