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Cyber Awareness for Broadcasters

Tailored to the needs of the broadcasting professional, Cyber Awareness for Broadcasters provides each staff member with a level of awareness as well as tools to help keep their organization safe.

A leading factor compromising the security of an organization’s networks and operations is the absence of a security “culture” among its employees. Even though the threats to security rapidly evolve, there are foundational practices that make up good cyber hygiene and habits that every employee within an organization should incorporate into their work days.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe effective computer use policies
  • Effectively manage your online identity
  • Demonstrate proper email practices
  • Explain the proper use of removable media
  • Explain the risks and benefits of access to social media
This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. 

NAB Members: $10
Nonmembers: $25

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