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Change Management for Public Health

Change Management for Public Health is a 6 module, interactive learning course that is informed by field experts and is supplemented by examples and stories from local health departments. The course is designed to introduce key concepts in change management theory and practice while also offering tools, resources, and real public health examples that all health departments can use to adapt the process to their needs.

The asynchronous course meets the following course objectives:
I. Preparing for Change: Develop the ability to define various types of change, describe a change vision, and overcome resistance to change.
II. Planning for Change: Identify stakeholders in the change process, select and train a change management team, and develop an implementation strategy for change.
III. Instituting Change: Describe what is necessary to implement and sustain change.

There is a guidebook to accompany each module. Please download the guidebook prior to starting the module and use it while you go through each module.