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Good Decision Making in Real Time: Practical Public Health Ethics for Local Health Officials

This course provides public health professionals with tools and practical examples to address ethical challenges that commonly arise in the practice of public health. After introducing the basics of public health ethics, this course will discuss the importance of using case studies to practice applying an ethical analysis framework to address issues that public health practitioners are likely to face. The course also explores the overlap between ethics and law.

Learning Objectives:
1.List 3 ways to define the field of public health ethics.
2.Describe 2 ways public health ethics and law can work together to address ethical challenges.
3.Describe 3 resources for helping public health officials make ethically informed choices.
4.List 2 specific ways to integrate ethical considerations into public health decision-making.
5.Explore multiple solutions by organizing, prioritizing, and defending each possible solution.

Tier level: Tier 3
Modality: Self-Paced
Length: 63 minutes

Drue Barrett , PhD; Lead, Public Health Ethics Unit; Office of Scientific Integrity, Office of the Associate Director for Science, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ruth Gaare Bernheim, JD, MPH; Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Medicine; Co-Director, The Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life; Professor of Public Health Sciences, Medicine, and Family Medicine; University of Virginia School of Medicine

Alan Melnick, MD, MPH, CPH; Director and Health Officer; Clark County Public Health, Washington

Leonard Ortmann, PhD; Senior Ethics Consultant; Public Health Ethics Unit, Office of Scientific Integrity, Office of the Associate Director for Science, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Matthew Penn, JD, MLIS; Director, Public Health Law Program; Office for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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