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Management Essential Training Series

These courses are delivered live. The spring 2019 schedule will be posted shortly.

In alignment with NACCHOs commitment to provide LHOs with the most comprehensive educational opportunities, NACCHO is pleased to announce the launch of the Management Essentials Training Series tailored exclusively for local health officials! The series provides a fresh perspective and a broad introduction to three (3) topics critical to your success:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Successful People Management
  3. Fundamentals of Financial Management
This series is designed to enhance the skills of new local health officials (LHOs) to address the complex, real-world, issues facing local health departments on a daily basis. NACCHO encourages LHOs with one to three years of experience who are seeking additional management training to take these trainings.

Delivered for Your Convenience!
Take one or take them all! The Management Essentials Training Series will be delivered in convenient 60-90 minute on-line segments totaling nearly 10 hours of dynamic instruction per course.
“Are you a new or even seasoned Health Official who just can’t seem to get your arms around your agency’s budget and financial operations? NACCHO’s Fundamentals of Finance course will help! Having worked with many new Health Officials not having budgeting or financial management experience, I know this will be a great tool in helping shorten the learning curve and putting you on the fast track to ensuring financial stability for your organization. I applaud NACCHO for recognizing this need and serving its members with the full Management Essentials Series.” Randy Gooch, Public Health Director
“I feel that the Management Essentials Series will be very beneficial for individuals stepping into the leadership role of a Local Public Health Agency. Quite often it is not possible to carve out the time, especially when you are “new” to the position, to be away from the post so having this learning opportunity available in this format makes it much more feasible learning opportunity. The series would also be beneficial to those who may be past the first year in their position – having been in the leadership role for two years, I found it very beneficial to remind me of those areas where I still need to “learn” and also reconfirmed some of the issues that I had addressed during that two years,. All in all a good course!” Jane Wernsman, Director, Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center, Cape Girardeau, MO