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BRIEFING: How Can We Help? Key Considerations for the Use of Institutional Resources to Aid the Pandemic Response

As communities across the nation confront challenges as a result of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities are considering how to provide their resources – including campus buildings and property, technical equipment and expertise, and personal protective equipment – to help governmental agencies, hospitals, and other local relief organizations in this time of emergency. Campus counsel are examining novel legal issues and practical aspects of negotiations to provide such resources in a timely manner while accounting for the legal and financial risks to the institution. Please join us for a NACUA Briefing with Sandra Casey, General Counsel-in-Charge, State University of New York, Akiyo Fujii, Deputy General Counsel for Business Affairs at Tufts University, Mary Jeka, Senior Vice President for University Relations and General Counsel at Tufts University, and Jeffrey Meyers, Associate Counsel, Real Estate and Contract Specialist, State University of New York, who will walk through these unique issues during this challenging time. They will address key legal considerations such as important agreement terms, unique infrastructure and financing issues, as well as liability and indemnification. They will also highlight some important practical considerations with potential financial impacts such as the importance of thoroughly documenting the provided goods or services as well as agreeing on the value of such items with the other parties at the outset.

This 45-minute briefing will be audio-only and will be complimentary to NACUA members.

We understand and appreciate the importance of religious holidays that are observed during this week. We want to provide information to members about these urgent topics as soon as possible, and we will continue to ensure that all Briefings are recorded and accessible at your convenience starting 2-3 hours after the live program.