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Difficult Employment Decision in Times of Crisis

Many colleges and universities nationwide are already facing significant financial challenges as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In turn, counsel is called upon to advise campus clients on a variety of cost-saving measures, including furloughs, reductions in force, and other alternatives. In some cases, institutions must consider declaring financial exigency in order to begin implementing such measures. But what are the areas of greatest concern to campus attorneys when taking such employment actions? How can institutions implement these programs in a careful and consistent way, keeping in mind institutional policies, state laws, and federal laws? And looking to the future, what kinds of legal and operational considerations should campus leaders plan for in anticipation of employees returning to campus? How can they keep employees safe, what kinds of workplace accommodations are appropriate, and how does recent guidance from federal agencies inform those decisions?

This 2-hour webinar will focus on the vast array of labor and employment legal issues that will guide colleges and universities in making thoughtful decisions now and in the future. Two seasoned experts will explore legal principles and offer practical insights about how an institution can implement programs to achieve the savings intended while mitigating risk.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be of interest to attorneys who advise colleges and universities on employment issues, including faculty and union issues as well as other human resources professionals on campus.