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Lawyers New To Higher Education

The law of higher education is an expansive practice area, encompassing everything from aviation law to zoning law and everything in between. Hundreds of federal laws and thousands of federal regulations govern college and university operations, in addition to state laws and System, board, and institutional policies. On top of that, colleges and universities are unique institutions with distinctive legal considerations and customs. Tenure, shared governance, academic freedom, FERPA, and student conduct, just to name a few, are concepts that are not found in the corporate setting but are central to college and university operations.

This online course, delivered by 22 NACUA member veterans, is designed for lawyers who are new to higher education. Whether you have been practicing for 3 years or 20 years, the course will acquaint you to topics that are unique to higher education legal practice.

Participate in the Live Classes and Forums!
  • This course includes 12 classes, with live Q&A. Classes will be accompanied by live, virtual instruction and a PowerPoint presentation and will be recorded. All classes will have supplemental reading materials.
  • This course also includes up to 6 live forums, which are supplemental to the existing classes. Forums are designed for course participants to share resources with one another, discuss different institutional approaches to various legal and operational issues, and ask questions to the expert instructors.
  • If you are registering for the course after a live class has taken place, you may access the class at a later time that is convenient to you, since all classes are recorded and placed into the course platform.
  • Live forums are not recorded. However, because all course participants have access to this course for 365 days, participants who sign up after a live forum is completed may participate at a later date, when the forum cycles back around. Forum topics may be subject to change at NACUA’s discretion from year to year.

Questions? Visit the course's website for details, including the  course schedule, eligibility, and CLE information. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about the course platform or content, or if you find that any links within the course are broken.

*NACUA may contact non-members directly to notify them about the status of their registration and to gather additional information, if necessary. NACUA reserves the right to cancel your registration for this online course if you are not eligible for participation in the course or member discount.

Course registration and access may not be shared with others. Each person must register individually to access and participate in the course.

*Please note that forums will not be recorded.