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BRIEFING: Back to Campus: Student Conduct Codes in a COVID World

As colleges and universities plan for the vast array of legal and operational issues they will face upon a physical return to campus in the coming weeks, student conduct related to coronavirus precautions is top of mind for many campus counsel. Together with their student affairs colleagues and others, counsel must consider how to best formulate a framework for a student conduct code that will address myriad coronavirus-related safety measures. These include requirements around social distancing, quarantining and isolation, as well as testing and tracing. They must also contend with campus communities that comprise students living in dorms on campus as well as students living off-campus, and some institutions have large commuter populations to consider. Set against the backdrop of the changing public health landscape, counsel must advise on how to communicate these new rules to the campus community in a way that will ensure compliance and success, and advise on the enforcement mechanisms the institution will employ. Please join us for a NACUA Briefing with Allen Groves, University Dean of Students at the University of Virginia, and Michael Grabo, Associate Counsel at Brown University, who will guide us through these challenging issues.

This 30-minute Briefing will be audio-only and complimentary to NACUA members.