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Title IX Coordinator Training - Online Course

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Note: The course was updated to address the U.S. Department of Education’s August 2020 Title IX regulations addressing sexual harassment. The regulations require institutions of higher education to make any Title IX training materials publicly available on their websites. Accordingly, course participants may post the updated course materials if they deem doing so appropriate in accordance with §106.45(b)(10). NACUA does not grant course participants permission to post course materials that were created prior to the release of the August 2020 regulations.


This course will undergo a significant course update at the time that the U.S. Department of Education releases the final Title IX regulations. This updated course will launch as soon as is feasible based on the rule’s release date. The three pre-recorded modules currently offered focus on the August 2020 Title IX regulations addressing sexual harassment that are still currently effective.

The course currently features access to:
  • Three modules totaling over four hours of content (pre-recorded webinars, self-assessments, and written resources.
  • Access to detailed PowerPoint presentations from four unrecorded live modules that took place in Fall 2023.
Visit the course's website for details, including the course schedule, eligibility, and CLE information. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about the course platform or content, or If you find that any links within the course are broken.

*NACUA may contact non-members directly to notify them about the status of their registration and to gather additional information, if necessary. NACUA reserves the right to cancel your registration for this online course if you are not eligible for participation in the course.

Course registration and access may not be shared with others. Each person must register individually to access and participate in the course.