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09. Influence: The Art & Science of Changing Minds in Challenging Times

  • How would you like to snap your fingers and your colleagues would instantly agree with you? It may not be that easy, however you can dramatically improve your chances for success if you understand how people make decisions and what causes them to act.
  • Influence is an interactive program that draws on the latest scientific research to show you how to influence people especially during these uncertain times.
  • You're guaranteed to leave with practical ideas you can apply right away. Specifically, you will be able to:
  • Discover the elements you must have to win over any skeptical mind and utilize the four key drivers of persuasion to gain buy-in and acceptance of your ideas.
  • Overcome the common mistakes most people make when trying to change someone‚Äôs mind and leave much of the conventional wisdom about influence behind (most of it doesn't work anyway).

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