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Winter 2023 Virtual CLE Workshop: Student Affairs

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The legal and practical issues involving college and university students continue to grow in complexity and scope. Perennial issues such as student speech and protests, student organizations, admissions, and financial aid, are now joined by issues such as diversity and inclusion, Title IX, reproductive health issues, mental health issues, and others. The way forward for higher education institutions on these issues requires a strong, open, and direct relationship between campus counsel and student affairs colleagues.

Against this backdrop, this workshop will explore a variety of student affairs legal issues and will dive into regulatory changes and executive branch actions, Supreme Court cases and evolving caselaw around the country, and changed attitudes and expectations on campus after a global pandemic. Workshop sessions will cover a range of important topics such as:

  • Ethical implications of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization
  • Legal issues surrounding DEI work
  • Shared ancestry and shared ethnicity under Title VI
  • OCR investigations in light of the Office for Civil Rights’ new Case Processing Manual
  • Familiar student affairs topics, such as student organizations, campus housing, threat assessment teams and student at risk of self-harm, and more 
For more details about the program and speakers, please visit the official workshop homepage. 

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