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Tax Technology for Today's Professionals

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Blockchain Technology Explained
By Scott Orgera
This article provides an overview on blockchain technology and how it plays an important role in cryptocurrency mining.

Blockchain Technology, Tax Attorneys, and the IRS
By Jaliz Maldonado
Can blockchain solve the many difficulties that face the Internal Revenue Service? This article explores how blockchain could revolutionize how the IRS conducts business.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Trends: Spring Always Follows Winter
By Mike Minihan
Cryptocurrency naysayers have plenty of ammunition for letting everyone know how cold this winter has been (really cold), and how long it has lasted (really long), but remember: “Spring always follows winter.”

Crypto Tax Tech Tools to the Rescue?
By Andy Frye, EA, and Joshua Azran, CPA
This article will enhance your success in using crypto tax tools and arm your business with a new suite of services for high-value clientele.

Top Five Best Practices for Filing Crypto Tax Returns
By RK Reddy
This article highlights best practices for preparing and filing crypto tax returns and the necessary reporting requirements.

Tax Technology APIs
By Alyssa Marchand
This article discusses how rapidly changing tax technology must keep pace with the recent year’s tax law changes, be it federal income tax, state income and franchise, or state sales and use taxes and the role of APIs.

RPA Enables Tax Pros to Focus on Planning
By Carli McClure
This article discusses how robotic process automation can pilot tax planning and identifies the value of robotic process automation for tax professionals in the ability to focus on higher-value functions.

From Artificial Intelligence to Financial Intelligence: Leveraging Smart Technologies to Strategically Transform Finance Teams
By Laurent Charpentier
Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more widely present in business environments, particularly finance departments. This article explores how automating the invoice and payment processing (accounts payable) workflows with technologies powered by AI can transform daily business functions.

Putting It All Together: Using Technology to Drive Tax Business Processes
By Deloitte
For tax departments, the record-to-report cycle involves several distinct “mega processes”— compliance, cash management, estimates and extensions, provisions, controversy management, and tax planning. Too often, the groups responsible for each of these tax mega processes operate in “silos.” This article explores how these processes limit groups from capitalizing on synergies and efficiencies across functional areas.

Tax Transformation Guide
The role of the tax function is changing. An area of business once considered a cost center is transforming into a driver of both strategy and value. This article discusses the global tax changes occurring at every level that require new processes and systems in place to be compliant: from the passage of the bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late 2017, to the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, to the impending taxation of international technology giants by the European Union.

How to Create a Paperless Office—Ten Tips and Apps Suggestions
By Harshal Katre
This article provides an overview of the latest technology, online apps, and simple tips to increase efficiencies within your tax practice and protect your client’s data.

Client Data Security (webinar)
By C. Dale Boushley, CFP®, EA
Both Circular 230 and the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act require that income tax preparers protect the confidentiality of client non-public information. This session discusses what each of these requires and methods of complying with those requirements. You will be able to identify which client information is considered confidential, what the penalty might be for making inappropriate disclosure, determine