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Superseded vs Amended Returns & Quirks of COVID-19

Superseded Versus Amended Returns and Quirks of COVID-19
This program will discuss the difference between an Amended return and a Superseded return, as well as many tax-related Quirks of COVID-19. The distinction between an amended return and a superseded return may be important when it comes to returns that have already been filed and the ability to change those returns. At this time COVID-19 has impacted our business in many ways, including a postponement of the April 15 due date to July 15. A few new laws directly related to COVID-19 have also been enacted. Returns that were prepared in the early part of the tax season may now turn out to be incorrect. Also, with the due date postponed until April 15, taxpayers have more time to make “April 15” deadline decisions.
Some of the COVID-19 law provisions will affect 2020 returns and understanding them now can be helpful knowledge when advising clients.