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Superseded vs Amended Returns & Quirks of COVID-19

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  • David Mellem, EA

    David Mellem, EA prepares several hundred tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts as a partner of Ashwaubenon Tax Professionals. David is a tax reference for many journalists including He has also been quoted in various newspapers around the country and has published articles in NATP's Tax Practitioner Journal and NAEA's EAJournal. Five times he served as a panel member on NAEA's TaxTalkToday. In April 2009 David appeared on NBC's Today Show as part of a panel of tax professionals. Mellem is a member of NAEA and a Fellow of NTPI.

June 30, 2020
Tue 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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