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How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Enrolled Agents

November 16th, 2020 2:00 - 4:00pm ET
Webinar Series: Future Ready
Speaker: Garret Wasny 

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Enrolled Agents
This course provides a concise overview of artificial intelligence (AI) -- technology that can virtually learn on its own -- and how it can help Enrolled Agents boost their revenue, relevance and value. Topics include AI foundational technologies, AI pros and cons, how AI is already being used in your everyday life, how AI is helping Enrolled Agents, Big Four and AI, AI-specific and enterprise apps, new accounting skills required for AI age, AI training, and key AI resources.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain AI fundamentals
  • Discuss how artificial intelligence is disrupting many of the core services and tasks of Enrolled Agents
  • Analyze AI’s potential to help Enrolled Agents boost their relevance, value and revenue
  • Review the exploding universe of new AI tools now available to EAs

Professional Benefits for the Learner
  • Demystify the complexity of AI
  • Highlight actionable steps to consider on your AI journey
  • Discuss business problems with an AI solution using specific examples and use cases to illustrate challenges and pitfalls
  • Compare leading AI vendors in tax and accounting