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Research Automation Tools for Enrolled Agents

November 17th, 2020 2:00-4:00pm ET
Webinar Series: Future Ready
Speaker: Garrett Wasny 

Research Automation Tools for Enrolled Agents

The course provides a concise overview of new online research tools that allow Enrolled Agents to automatically and instantly gather a torrent of information on practically any topic. Discover how and why the best searchers don’t search -- they get the information to come to them.

Learning Objectives

  • Save countless hours of research time by automating and aggregating updates from authoritative business and financial sources online.
  • Develop and maintain a customized and automated research system
  • Uncover hard-to-find information you could never gather searching on your own.
  • Spot opportunities, threats, and risks in your enterprise landscape -- earlier and faster.
  • Enhance your ability to search professional literature, identify relevant information, and form conclusions.
Professional Benefits for the Learner
  • Tame online information overload
  • Gather more complete, current and correct information on practically any subject
  • Interpret search results related to accounting, auditing and attestation and tax in their proper context.
  • Compare leading research solutions in tax and accounting