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How Do You Select the Right Technology Stack for your EA Operations?

December 21, 1:00 - 2:00pm ET
Webinar Series: Future Ready
Speaker: Garrett Wasny

How Do You Select the Right Technology Stack for your EA Operations?
The session provides a concise overview of the leading "stack" or combination and mix of Internet applications, online services, mobile tools, and digital platforms that enrolled agents can utilize to run their operations. Leading application categories include core tax services, small business accounting apps, certifications, office productivity, workflow, document management, collaboration, payments, time tracking, payroll, customer relationship management, forecasting and advisory services, proposals, technology hosting, logistics, human resources management, security, scanning, remote access, video and live streaming, outsourcing, and artificial intelligence. You'll walk away with an increased awareness of the growing constellation of tax software and business solutions now available to practitioners of all stripes and how to build and customize your own digital ecosystem.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to: 

  • Review the exploding universe of new tax and accounting solutions now available to EAs
  • Discuss how to build and customize your own accounting data ecosystem
  • Identify the leading vendors in the major accounting software categories
  • Explore a new generation of web-based accounting programs that are driving innovation and redefining the roles of Enrolled Agents

Professional Benefits for the Learner
  • Identify new generation of tax and accounting software
  • Recognize new capabilities of technology to enrich tax analysis
  • Navigate leading accounting software review hubs
  • Compare leading vendors in tax, accounting, audit, and bookkeeping software niches