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Practice Management: Settings up a Professional Office - (2 NAEA CPE)

Practice Management: Settings up a Professional Office

IRS Program Number: N/A
Speaker: Leonard Steinberg, EA

This overview course will examine the basics for operating a professional tax practice. We will cover the basic requirements for efficiently and effectively managing daily operations. This will include use of hardware and software, telecommunications and both physical and client data security issues.

We will provide suggestions for improving tax preparation and review processes. This will also includeideas for improving your time management. We will discuss maintaining and improving current client relationships.

For those who currently offer representation services or for those looking to start and/or expand their representation services, we will discuss the types of representation services that the practitioner can offer and the methods for operating this successful practice niche.

We will discuss offering other types of business services and partnering with other types of service firms. We will discuss the important issues of Advertising, Promotion and Marketing ideas to attract new clients and which are so vital to an ongoing and expanding your practice.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate your current practice’s procedures, policies and operations
  • Identity those areas where your practice needs improvements
  • Apply those ideas and suggestions to implement quickly and cost effectively
  • Evaluate those ideas and suggestions for consideration
  • Develop a strategic plan for growth and expansion of your services.